Parent Story: Molly Edmon

Another Family is Transformed
excerpts from Molly Hamstreet-Edmon’s letter

Head Start and ECEAP have had a tremendously positive impact on Molly and her family.  She learned about EOCF’s programs when she was a single mom.  Our programs gave her children the educational foundation they needed to be ready for school. Over the years Molly watched the programs grow and change to help all children, even those with special needs, make education individualized. That was important, because her first son was a child with special needs. Now he knows his alphabet, numbers and simple addition.

When Molly’s daughter was in ECEAP, she was working full time during the day and had an extra job at night to make additional money.  It was difficult for her to spend time reading with her children.  ECEAP helped her daughter become grounded for a solid education, and it created a love for school.   Today her daughter loves school and has been at the top of her class. She loves to read, do her homework, and takes pride in her school.

Molly’s Story

When Molly was a child she was passed around to family members, as her parents could not afford day care. She started first grade a little behind and had trouble from then on at school. By 16 she dropped out, got her GED and started working full time. She believes that if she had more opportunities and support when she was younger to learn and become educated that school would have been easier, and she would have been a high school graduate. She thinks about other children who often do not get the help they need and parents who are struggling to care for their children and have no other source for childcare.

When her youngest child was two, Molly was in a serious car crash followed by three back surgeries. The other driver did not have insurance.  It has been difficult for Molly as she struggles with knowing that she cannot do as much for her children as before.  After the crash Molly returned to school, working towards a BA in Sociology.  She works hard to mentor her children on how important education truly is so that they will be successful in all future endeavors.

Molly is Passionate about EOCF and Education

This is why Molly has shared her story with legislators and wants everyone to know what EOCF has done to help her three children and what EOCF’s programs do for many families and children. The education EOCF provides for each and every child, at the level they need, has the power to make the difference for them to become strong, more educated and more driven towards success.  Molly wholeheartedly supports early learning as the key to helping children become ready to enter elementary school and be successful for their future.

Molly says, “I know that I would be lost without these programs, and I am forever grateful for EOCF helping to groom my children to be good students that have strong educational goals. After all, our children are our future. If we do not encourage  education at an early age , some fall behind, and many struggling children drop out of school. We need ways to strengthen our society, and providing children with early education is the key that allows them more  opportunities to be successful.”

“After all, our children are our future!”