Infant/Toddler Programs

Early Head Start

Early Head Start provides full-day preschool, childcare and family support services for infants and toddlers (birth to three), pregnant women and families in Clark County that are income-eligible.

Your child’s first few years of life are vital to a healthy future. You are the first and most important teacher. When you smile and talk to your baby, when you read to your young child, you are teaching important lessons. We want to help you.

EOCF’s preschool programs give children a chance to grow physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. They play, share, laugh and learn how to get along with each other. And they bring home their art projects and exciting stories.

Programs Available

  1. Full-day: Preschool and childcare programs are located at one of our two licensed childcare centers in Vancouver.
  2. Home-based: Qualified teachers bring curriculum and learning supplies when they visit the home once a week for ninety minutes. Staff work together with families to individually focus on each child and family’s specific strengths, needs, resources and goals. Family events are held at a classroom setting twice per month when all enrolled children, families and staff gather for socialization, field trips, learning and fun.
  3. Pregnant women Services can be provided in the home, community based setting, through referrals to community partners, classes and support groups. Frequency and duration of visits are flexible and determined by the program staff and parent. Expect to receive highly individualized education about fetal development, prenatal and postpartum health care, labor and delivery, recovery and maternal depression and the benefits of breastfeeding.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Children must be ages 6 weeks to 3 years.
  • Pregnant women must be planning to enroll their newborn after birth.
  • For full-day only:
    • Families must be eligible to receive a subsidy through Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), or Pay the full copay privately.

Please contact us to determine your family’s eligibility and for further information, or apply today and we will contact you.

Participating Locations

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EOCF Administration Office
17800 SE Mill Plain Blvd Suite 150
Vancouver, WA 98683
Main: 360-896-9912 | Enrollment: 360-567-2720
Fax: (360) 892-3209

Clark County

512 SE Ellsworth Rd.
Vancouver, WA 98664

Ninety Ninth
10002 NE 13th Ave.
Suite 104 Vancouver, WA 98686

At Home

Teacher will Visit Your Home

Program Information

Full-day/full-year center-based programs provide quality preschool and childcare for infants and toddlers (6 weeks-3 years).

Monday – Friday

6:45am to 6:00pm

Transportation: Not Provided
Meals Provided: Breakfast/Lunch/Snack (Infants fed  On-Demand)

Home-Based Program
Teacher provides quality preschool for infants and toddlers (6 weeks-3 years) in the home.

Monday – Friday
8:00am to 5:00pm (varies – 90 minutes, once a week)

Transportation: Not Provided

Our Focus

Early Head Start provides Full-Day preschool childcare and family support services for income-eligible infants, toddlers, pregnant moms, and families in Clark County.

The Individual Child

Our preschool curriculum is high quality and is tailored to meet each child’s needs and interests. Individual learning plans and goals are created with the family, and we provide tools for each child to be successful.


We provide nutritious food following USDA guidelines. Children are provided up to 2/3 of their daily nutritional requirements while attending our programs. We work closely with families, their physician and our registered dietitian to meet each child’s special dietary needs. Families can share recipes and culturally diverse meals are offered. Classes on gardening, nutrition, shopping for and cooking healthy foods are available. (Click here to view a sample menu)


Children who are healthy are better learners. EOCF provides health screenings for hearing, vision, development, and height and weight. We support and encourage families in getting regular well-child care. We can help families find a physician, get insurance for their children and connect to other community resources as needed. Outdoor learning and physical activity is important for children’s development and is provided each day

Dental Care

Families are supported in getting dental checkups each year as it’s hard for children to learn when their teeth hurt. We can help families get dental insurance and find a dentist who cares for young children. All toddlers are provided a toothbrush and toothpaste in the classroom and are encouraged to brush their teeth at school each day.

Family Engagement

All of our programs encourage family participation in the classroom. We also offer free classes with childcare for parenting and child development, health and nutrition, leadership and advocacy, budgeting and shopping, plus fun family events. Parents have an opportunity to join the Parent Policy Council. Our Family Advocates can help parents and guardians locate medical, dental, education and employment services and other community resources.

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